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Final Salute



This page is dedicated to the memory of our fellow Green Weasels and their close family members. If you have any pertinent information concerning former Green Weasels, please send a note to the webmaster. A link to appropriate information would be appreciated.

Garry Fancher

Jerry Sapp

Scott Carr

Kevin McNeight

Nick LaFlamboy

Mike Lutzko

Capt Callahan

Jim Lute

Amn White

Patrick Scyfer

Bob Babineau

Dino Van Dam

Frank Savalla

Ed Sekula

Bill Turk

Gil Harder

Geoffrey Boyd

Richard Thompson

Fred "Sonny" Beach

George Ratliff

Donald Wadsworth

Henry Hibbert

Billy Brewer

Shelly Kelly

Henry "Rocky" Skillern

Pete Livingston

Mike Fukey

Ken Kekich

Art Spooner

Alden Armentrout

Wayne Hanson

Stan Friedli

Buell Belcher

Andre Brock

Dennis Ybarra

John J Moran

Val Laughlin

Paul Mattingly

Don Potter

Ronny Smith

Gretchen C. Underwood

Loyce White

Dean V. Nadeau

Phil Hinds

Steve Cupps

Andy Anderson

Ron Majors

Tom Walker

Burnie Dallas

Ed Brown



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