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On 1 Dec 1952, the wise leadership at that time realized the need for Tactical Airlift. The 774th Troop Carrier Squadron was designated at that time. This was later to become the 774th Tactical Airlift Squadron, with final inactivation on 1 Oct 1986. We band ourselves together to support the achievements of the 774th TAS and remember those comrades, both living and dead, who through their courage and determination, provided the free world with military, economic, political, and humanitarian airlift operations.

Article I

The name of this organization shall be the 774th TAS Association.

Article II
(Association Goals)

The Association provides an organization through which former 774th TAS personnel may unite to help fulfill the responsibilities of our nation in the area of Tactical Airlift. Specifically, the purposes of the association shall be:

1. To honor officer, enlisted, and civilian personnel, both rated and nonrated, who have helped make this nation great by their achievements in Tactical Airlift operations.

2. To perpetuate the memory of such persons and record their achievements and contributions by suitable memorials.

3. To receive and maintain a fund or funds, and to use and apply the whole or any part of the income therefrom, and the principal thereof, exclusively for charitable, literary, or educational purposes, either directly or by contributions to organizations duly authorized to carry on similar activities, but no part of such income or principal shall be contributed to any organization whose net earnings or any part thereof inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, or any substantial part of which is carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation. The detailed purposes set forth in this document shall at all times be subject to and in furtherance of the provisions in this paragraph.

4. To cooperate with other recognized organizations which are actively engaged and interested in similar projects.

5. To engage in any and all activities incidental thereto or necessary, suitable, or proper for the accomplishment of any aforementioned purposes.

6. The Association, as such, shall not contribute to or otherwise support or assist any political party or candidate for public office.

Article III

The following definitions specify the meanings of terms used in these Articles:

1. 774th TAS Association: the name of that body which has organized itself to promote the objectives previously listed.

2. MEMBER: any individual who has satisfied the requirements for inclusion in the Association.

3. OFFICER (of the Association): a member of the Association involved in the operation of the Association by election or appointment to include the President, Vice - President, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors.

4. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: the officers of the association to include the President, Vice - President, Secretary and Treasurer. This Board is empowered and entrusted to carry out the objectives of the Association on behalf of its membership.

5. DIRECTORS: those members of the Association permanently elected or temporarily appointed, to serve as managerial board for the Association.

6. PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: the President of the Association.

Article IV

1. Active Duty Members: active duty military personnel who were assigned or attached to the 774th TAS or 463rd TAW.

2. Retired/Separated Members: retired/separated military personnel who were assigned or attached to the 774th TAS or 463rd TAW.

3. Civilian Personnel: any civilian personnel who worked directly for and with the 774th TAS.

4. Widow/Widower: spouses of deceased personnel who were members or were eligible to be members of the Association.

5. Wives of POW/MIA Personnel Members: Wives of POW/MIA personnel eligible for membership as active duty or retired/separated members.

6. Honorary Members: such membership shall be awarded at the discretion of the board of directors to those deserving persons not otherwise eligible for membership.

Members in good standing of any category shall have the right to participate in any and all Association activities. Any member who is not in arrears for any dues or other financial obligation to the Association shall be considered a member in good standing. The Board of Directors is empowered to drop from membership any member who is considered to be a discredit to the Association.

Article V
(Principal Office)

The principal office of the Association shall be located in Abilene, TX or in such other place as may be determined by the Board of Directors, but the activities of the Association shall not be confined to that place, but may be conducted in various states or locations of the free world.

Article VI
(Officers and Board of Directors)

The officers of the Association shall be members of the Association The Board of Directors will consist of the elected officers, excluding the Treasurer, and five members of the Association. They shall be elected or appointed at the reunion of the Association. Such officers shall serve until the adjournment of the succeeding annual reunion following their election and thereafter until successors are chosen. All issues brought before the Board of Directors shall be settled by a simple vote with a majority ruling. The President will establish subcommittees as necessary.

The President shall:
a. be President of the Board of Directors.
b. call a business meeting of the Association to coincide with the reunion.
c. convene such meetings with the Board of Directors as he may deem necessary.

The Treasurer shall collect all fees, dues, and other funds of the Association and invest or deposit these funds as directed by the Board. He shall have custody of all funds of the Association and shall make disbursements as authorized by the Board. He shall be responsible for the accurate bookkeeping, and give the report at the reunion business meeting.

Article VII
(Reunion Policy)

There will be a National Convention of the 774th TAS Association at such time and place as announced by the Board of Directors. The purpose of this convention will be to:
a. Promote good fellowship and provide a reunion for old comrades.
b. Elect new officers and members to the Board of Directors.
c. Conduct a general membership meeting.

Article VIII
(Dues and Contributions)

Persons eligible for membership under Article IV may establish membership by completion of those requirements established. Such fees as required shall, if at all possible, preclude additional subscription or contributions during the year of membership. The Board is authorized to accept dues, fees, contributions, donations, and bequests to the Association from appropriate sources. Monies so received shall be placed in such fund or funds prescribed by the Board. Membership dues shall be paid on the following basis:
a. Active duty members: $10.00 annually
b. Retired/separated members: $10.00 annually
c. Widow/Widower: None
d. POW/MIA Spouses: None
e. Honorary members: None
f. Life membership: $100.00

Article IX
(Non-Issue of Stocks)

The Association shall have no power to issue shares of stock or to declare or pay any dividends.

Article X
(Books and Records)

The Association shall keep correct and complete books and records of account and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its members, Board of Directors, committees, subcommittees having any authority of the Board of Directors, and shall also keep at its principal office a record of the names and addresses of its members entitled to vote. All books and records of the Association may be inspected by any member entitled to vote, or his agent or attorney, for any proper purpose, at any reasonable time. The accounts of the Association shall be made available for an annual audit by an independent certified public accountant, licensed by a regulatory authority of a state or other political subdivision of the United States. The audit, if required, will be conducted at the place where the accounts of the Association are normally kept. The results of such audits will be made to the general membership at the annual business meeting.

Article XI

These bylaws may be amended, altered or repealed by two - thirds of the vote cast by regular membership of the Association. Changes to these bylaws shall be proposed by vote of the Board of Directors. These bylaws are in effect when they have been ratified by an affirmative vote of two - thirds of those voting in a referendum of the entire membership of the Association.





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